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NPC proposes November for national census


NPC proposes November for national census

The National Population Commission (NPC) has revealed its plans to carry out the Nigerian Population and Housing Census, setting November 2024 as the possible date for the exercise.

NPC Chairman, Nasir Isa Kwara, made this announcement during a press briefing to commemorate the 2024 World Population Day.

Kwara stated, “The commission is prepared up to 70% to carry out the census.” He assured that the postponement of the census would not impede Nigeria’s efforts to meet the UN 2020 Round of Population & Housing Censuses.

Kwarra stated, “In the beginning of the year, we wanted to conduct a census in November, but we are waiting for that nod. If that is given, we will swing into action and before the end of 2024 we will be able to conduct a very good census for Nigeria. We are still prepared. A lot of money has been spent.”

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He highlighted the commission’s preparedness, noting that “we have over 760,000 PDAs that we are supposed to use for the census. This equipment has been bought for over a year now. With such equipment, if you don’t use them and the batteries go down, we run the risk of losing a lot of these facilities. It is important we have the resources to kick-start the process.”

The NPC Chairman also revealed that the commission has completed digital maps for the census and other surveys, emphasizing that the completion of the census would provide the country with relevant data to track every citizen in the country.

Adeyemi Adeniran, the Statistician General of the Federation, stressed the importance of census data in addressing poverty-related issues, stating that “census data is vital for the country’s development and plays a key role in addressing issues that contribute to poverty.”

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