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Why G20, BRICS+ shun Nigeria – Ex-envoys

They emphasized that Nigeria's inability to meet economic and governance standards set by these global bodies hinders its inclusion


Why G20, BRICS+ shun Nigeria – Ex-envoys

Former envoys have attributed Nigeria’s exclusion from the G20 and BRICS+ to its weak economy, marked by import dependency, market instability, and an unpredictable forex exchange regime.

Usman Sarki, Nigeria’s former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lawrence Obisakin, former Ambassador to Benin Republic, and Fred Eno, ex-Senior Advisor to the United Nations, discussed these issues on Channels Television’s Inside Sources.

They emphasized that Nigeria’s inability to meet economic and governance standards set by these global bodies hinders its inclusion. Sarki highlighted the necessity for Nigeria to demonstrate economic stability and effective leadership to attract international partnerships and investments.

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Obisakin noted that membership in such blocs requires more than population size; it demands economic strength, political stability, and security. He cited Nigeria’s import-heavy economy and currency volatility as factors undermining its attractiveness to global economic forums.

Eno echoed their sentiments, suggesting that Nigeria’s institutional weaknesses and policy inconsistencies further deter its integration into influential global economic groups.

The former envoys urged the Nigerian government to prioritise economic reforms, including stabilising the forex exchange rate, lowering inflation rates, and enhancing human capital development, to improve its international standing.

The G20, comprising major industrialised nations, and BRICS+, an economic bloc of developing nations challenging Western dominance, remain crucial platforms for global economic policy coordination.

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